Toni Cloud grew up in a mobile home park with a single mom living paycheck to paycheck. When she turned sixteen, she was determined to be self sufficient and got her first job. She is now about to turn the big50 and hasn’t stopped working since that day. Even when she started having children and felt convicted to stay home with them, she figured out a way to be at home with them and still make money.   She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with honors.  

 She married her high school sweetheart, Shane and they were blessed with four awesome children who have followed in her footsteps on being motivated and self-sufficient. She has spent years encouraging women through moms groups and women’s bible studies. She enjoys using social media to brighten the days of others. She is not only an accountant for a private school and church but owns two successful businesses, one in her community and one online.

We have all heard the saying “It takes one to know one” On the outside, she was a cheerful, happy busy lady. But on the inside, she was sometimes exhausted, stressed, worried and dissatisfied with the direction her life was going. After a decade of business training and research, she decided that instead of just learning and obtaining all this knowledge, it was time to take action! She quickly grew her income, paid off debt, and discovered calm in chaos!

Because she once lived the stressful mediocre lifestyle and came out on the other side now living with prosperity and peace ~she decided to bless others and use not only her knowledge, but her first hand experience to teach others how to find financial freedom and more importantly learn how to Design the Life they have Always Wanted to Live!